Hello World

This is the blog I’ve been intending two start for at least two years now. It took me a lot of courage to get started, and it’s taking me more time than I expected to put in writing the ideas I have on my mind.

Why in English?

Having been born and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I feel I need to address this first. I have to main reasons:

  1. Most of my reading (and listening) is in English. I’d like to think some of the people I read might at some point be interested I what I write. For that, I need to remove any language barrier.
  2. It’s an amazing practice for me. It’s hard to be a developer without having to read English (and if you want to be a good one you need to be able to write in English as well).

My modest goals

I hope I can be consistent with this endeavor. I think it will help me grow profesionally, and as a writer.

I look forward to the experience and to get feedback from anyone coming across to this site.