My blog is a statically generated Jekyll site hosted on GitHub pages.

While I do use Collected Notes to post some short things, I haven’t migrated my blog there since it will break all my past permalinks. However, I do love the simplicity to both write and publish quickly from any device that Collected Notes gives me.

In order to keep the best of both worlds, I created a small GitHub Action, that I can trigger from my phone using Shortcuts, that will quickly import a note in Collected to a post in GitHub Pages.

You can check the code here

The important part is this shell script:

curl --location $.json > note.json
date_prefix=`date +%Y-%m-%d`
markdown_name=${date_prefix}-`jq -r '.path' note.json`.markdown
title=`jq -r '.title' note.json`
cat <<EOF > ${post_path}  
title: ${title}
date: `date --iso-8601=seconds`
`jq -r '.body' note.json`

In order to run it, you have to:

  1. Create the GitHub Action.
  2. Create a Personal Token in GitHub.
  3. Import this Shortcut (or create your own!)
  4. From your iOS device, share a note in CN and choose the Shortcut.
  5. Check your new post in your blog!